AA said that the Rohingya will be called back when the international recognition is official


When the Bangladesh government, including the international community, recognizes the Rakhine Army (AA) and is allowed to speak officially, the AA side has said that it will call back the Rohingya who fled from Rakhine state to Bangladesh.

AA spokesperson U Khaing Thukha added this to the online press conference held by the AA group today on September 19. On the other hand, Buthidaung, who had fled to Bangladesh since 2017 because of the army’s clearance of the area, Maungdaw also said that the Bangladesh government and international organizations need to recognize Rohingya refugees in order to accept them.

“The international community and the government of Bangladesh need to recognize us when solving the problem of ULA/AA. We need the government of Bangladesh and the world powers including the UN to fully support and stand with ULA/AA.” Only in such a situation will the ULA/AA’s refugee acceptance and resettlement policy be officially announced and resolved in a form of solution acceptable to both sides for long-term peaceful coexistence.

U Khaing Thukha also said that AA is currently trying to become an internationally recognized Araksha government, and when it reaches a state where it can officially talk to the international community, it will formally announce how it will cooperate with international organizations, including Bangladesh.

Buthidaung, northern Rakhine state Over 700,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since 2017 due to the military’s clearance of Maungdaw townships.
The military council is trying to accept them back in the beginning of this month, but the Rohingyas are denied citizenship, including citizenship. Rohingya refugees told RFA that they will return only if they are given freedom of movement and work.

Reporter : CNA Johnsmith