A Rohingya youth died due to artillery fire from the Myanmar side. At least six people were injured


A Rohingya youth was killed and at least six others were injured when a mortar shell fired by the Myanmar side exploded yesterday, Bangladesh authorities said. Due to this incident, Rohingya Muslims living in refugee camps near the border are panicking.

Bangladesh Border Guard Chief Faizur Rahman said that the border area will be secured and the Myanmar side will strongly object to this issue.
Earlier this month, the Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Burmese ambassador in Dhaka 3 times and expressed concern over the explosion of heavy weapons in Bangladesh and the violation of airspace.

More than 1 million Rohingya live in refugee camps in southern Bangladesh, most of whom fled Myanmar in 2017 due to military crackdowns.

(While seeing a Rohingya refugee camp near the Myanmar-Bangladesh border on June 29, 2018)