Northern Alliance FPNCC Member AA MNDAA NDAA SSPP and UWSA meeting


AA, a member of FPNCC, a union political negotiation committee formed by ethnic revolutionary forces that have not yet signed the NCA contract. MNDAA NDAA The Kokang MNDAA news agency reported that SSPP /SSAA teams and UWSA met.

In the past few days, FPNCC member ethnic armed groups visited “Wa” province and met with UWSA. Myla Special Region (4) NDAA and Shan State Army SSPP / SSAA came to discuss; Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) leader and representative group visit “Wa” province; AA Deputy Chief of Staff Dr. Nyo Tun Aung visited “Wa” province to meet and discuss with UWSA, according to reports.

The content of the meeting and the details of the meeting and discussion have not yet been released by the ethnic armed groups. The Yangon New Age contacted U Nyi Yang, UWSA’s information officer, but has yet to receive a response.
FPNCC team 0” force UWSP/UWSA; Mine is the NDAA. Shan Army SSPP/SSAA Kokan MNDAA, Kachin KIO Powerful ethnic revolutionary forces such as the Taang TNLA and the Rakhine AA have come together.

Reporter : CNA  John Smith